The Purpose of this Website

Welcome to the official website of the UGSF. This website was created to provide information on the unspoken world of UGSF in a coherent, chronological order. There will be various UGSF related titles and information which will be released on this website, so please look forward to the information to come.


What is the UGSF Series?

Many games have been released by Bandai Namco Entertainment (then, Namco Limited), but the company’s herald into video games began with titles such as “Galaxian” and “Galaga.” Many other video games themed after space were then created, such as “Bosconian” and “Star Luster,” and within these space shooters exists a world shared and known internally among those in development.

In 1990, during the development of “Galaxian 3,” the world of UGSF (United Galaxy Space Force) was conceived. This became the foundation to Namco’s outlook and history of space within its video games. Since then, the UGSF series have unfurled new frontiers within its world. Expanding beyond the genre of shooters, characters hailing from “Dig Dug” and “Star Ixiom” appeared in the puzzle game, “Mr. Driller.” Reveals were made in “Star Ixiom” where it brings out how the various Namco space shooters are associated with the UGSF. The crossover features in “Namco X Capcom” introduced to players that the world of “Burning Force” was associated with the UGSF. Even in the game, “Mizuiro Blood,” the main character is noted as coming from the UIMS, an enemy force opposing the UGSF. Unreleased titles “Star Blade Operation Blue Planet” and “New Space Order” tapped into various game worlds and shared the same world setting as “Ace Combat 3,” further expanding the outreach of the UGSF world.

In this way, the UGSF series formed a subtle, yet definitive “universe” that was shared among the company’s creators. And even now, this “universe” continues to expand within many of the company’s video games.



The settings disclosed are official, but some titles were released after the official release of the world setting to the UGSF series, so there may be some inconsistencies. Future titles that incorporate the settings within the UGSF series may bring about adjustments to the timeline. That said, the charm of the UGSF series is with how openly it adapts to various games, so we hope you will also enjoy the charm that the UGSF series brings to your gaming experience.